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Intuitive painting and Vedic Art go hand in hand. Vedic Art is a method that brings out the intuitive artist within you. With 17 principles and pedagogical exercises, I guide you through Curt Källman's ingenious material in the basic course. When you paint according to Vedic Art and intuitively, only you decide what the painting will be. There is no right or wrong. The perfectionist in you can rest. Fantastic! 

Today, painting is my main source of meditation and well-being. 

Let it be yours too!

Vedic Art
Vedic Art

Vedic Art basic course

Vedic Art is a method of painting that step by step guides you to find the artist within you. You get keys to the creativity that exists in all people and you realize that you can paint when you allow yourself to go beyond the pressure of technical perfection and performance demands. With the help of Vedic Art's 17 steps, you open up to your own way of expression. In the basic course we go through all 17 principles. The principles of Vedic Art are about both art and life so don't be surprised if your life also changes for the better <3 

This is what you can expect from the course: 

• Increased trust and confidence in the power of your inherent creativity 

• A more playful and free approach to painting 

• Techniques for getting into a creative state of mind 

• Knowledge and tools that are transferable to other forms of creative expression and to life in general. 

• An increased knowledge of the creative process and its different phases.

No prior knowledge is required and no previous experience in painting is necessary. The course consists of six days divided into three weekends. You can start any weekend you want and continue the following one.

DATUM: 12 & 13 may 2024

PLATS: Lunnebergs bygdegård, Sjuntorp
TID: kl 10 -16 both days.
PRIS:  1 900 sek/occasion incl. material and coffee. You pay when booking. The fee will not be refunded, but you can change to another occasion if you can´t attend the class you booked.

Swishnr: 123 524 10 13 or go to "buy art" and choose Vedic Art 1 weekend, or pay for all 3 weekends at once and save 500 SEK. You can choose to pay with a card or use Klarna and pay in installments.

If there are too few booked, the event will be moved.

If you want to know more about Vedic Art you can read about it here

intuitiv målerikurs
intuitiv målerikurs

Try painting intuitively

A first acquaintance with acrylic paints where we meditate and put colors on canvas without performance or demands to become something. Let body and soul meet in the healing power of colors. Paints and 2 canvases are included in the price. If you have your own colors and canvases, you are of course welcome to bring and use them. 

Contact me to find a day that suits us both. Alone or with family, friends or colleagues. 

Maybe something for the bachelorette party?! 

Warm welcome 

Price: 700 sek. including materials. aprox. 4 h. 

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