Meet me

"Tomorrow is brighter than today and all your dreams can come true if you belive"

Artist statement

Through my art, I want to give beauty and thoughtfulness to the world. I want my art to touch and give the viewer a sense of belonging and self-love. We as humans need more love and kindness. Above all, from ourselves to ourselves. 

When I paint, I embark on a journey into abstract worlds, with the ambition to capture the intangible in a concrete form. Through the lively interplay between colors, shapes and textures, I strive to create a visual language that transcends words and touches the soul. 

My work is deeply rooted in the belief that art is a powerful vehicle for exploring and expressing the rich pattern of human emotion. Every brush stroke, every layer of paint is a reflection of the myriad emotions that define our human experience - joy, sadness, love and introspection. 

I am drawn to the art forms abstract realism and expressionism, where the boundaries between representation and abstraction are blurred. This allows me to convey the essence of emotion, not through a strict depiction of reality, but through energy, movement and rhythm radiating from the canvas. 

My work, "Silence" for example delves into the underwater world as a metaphor for the tranquility we all long for in our busy lives. Through the woman immersed in the embrace of water, I explore the idea of ​​finding comfort, happiness and rest in the silence below the surface, away from the everyday chaos above the surface.

Colors and structure are my primary means of expression. Each shade and shadow carries its own emotional weight, and I strive to create balance on the canvas. My palette is a reflection of my inner world and invites the viewer to interpret them in their own way. Sometimes it's colorful and sometimes I'm attracted by a duller, calmer palette.

 For me, art is not a destination but a journey - a continuous journey of discovery of myself, emotions and the world around us. With each new creation, I embark on a journey of discovery and invite others to join me on this artistic odyssey. 

I love to explore different worlds and situations in my paintings. I often start with fluid ink colors that reflect both an inner chaos but also the freedom of not being able to control everything. I love watching the colors flow across the canvas. It will be as it should be. As a contrast, I like to use white or another dull color as restingspace where the eye can rest for a while on its journey of discovery across the canvas. After the ink, I outline my motif with charcoal and pencil. Then I add different mixed media materials such as spray paint, gold leaf, collage, structural material etc. After that I paint the first layer with acrylic. When it's dry, I paint two to four layers with oil as I love the finish the oil gives where the brush strokes speak for themselves.

Thank you for letting me share my passion and my vision with you. Through my art, I hope to inspire thought, evoke emotion and create connections with all who are drawn to the colorful world of feeling and expression. 

With gratitude and creativity, 


The artist

Nina was born and raised in Trollhättan, Sweden. Today, Nina lives with her husband and two daughters in Sjuntorp, about 1 mile south of Trollhättan. Rural with nature around the house. This is also where Nina has her studio. Besides painting, Nina loves to travel, explore the world and spiritual experiences. 

Nina has always liked to paint. Even as a child, Nina liked to paint and wanted to be an artist, but lost faith in herself when things didn't turn out so well. As a young adult, Nina began a course to learn oil painting. But that course did not give Nina joy in painting, rather the opposite. Nina felt even more that she was not good enough. The years passed and only when Nina was in her 40s did art enter her life again. Her mother had taken up what is called Vedic Art. Nina came along at one point and immediately fell for the art form. Through Vedic Art, Nina dared to start painting as there were no rules as to what should be on the canvas. Through that, Nina could not fail and soon the colors and the process were something that gave Nina the courage to start experimenting with the colors. Painting became Nina's hobby and meditation. Her greatest source of recovery. In 2021, Nina trained as a Vedic Art teacher and holds courses in it at regular intervals.

In 2021, however, a desire to be able to paint "better" began. Nina longed to be able to render faces, animals etc in a realistic way as well. So when Nina came across an ad for a one-year online training by a company in the US called Milan Art Institute, Nina jumped at the chance and signed up for it. Throughout 2022, Nina painted at least 20 hours a week in addition to her usual full-time work. It was a tough year but extremely valuable for Nina. Milan Art's "Mastery program" taught Nina to paint classically in oil, acrylic and mixed media. The training was completed in January -23 and in June -23 Nina received her diploma as approved by the Milan Art institute. 

Now Nina explores her own style and has found that she loves to paint women realistically in various abstract settings. Nina wants to convey magic and a belief that anything can happen when we dare to be who we are and that the power of thought can work wonders. 

For Nina, creation in itself is always the goal. The process is the one that is important to Nina, as an artist and as a person. From a line, to a shape, to a sense of completion. Just like in life. 

Nina paints in acrylic, oil and mixed media where ink colors and collage are often a piece of the puzzle. Nina's art is best described as abstract realism, expressionism where storytelling is important to Nina.

Nina has participated in several exhibitions, both privately and at galleries such as Handkraft in Trollhättan, Hammarö Art Gallery in Karlstad, Galleri Grip in Stockholm and Luftkastelet/Engleson's galleries in Malmö.

"Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever."

― Walt Disney