Abctract realism mixed media oilpaintings. Buy magical transformativ paintings for your wall. Order a soulpainting or a painting of your spirit animal.

Orginial Artwork 

Magical beautiful art

Abstract realism      mixedmedia art      Oilpaintings

Through my art, I wish to create an emotional experience where the viewer gets in touch with their inner world. I explore the subtle language of colors, shapes and texture to capture moments of stillness and joy in a world filled with noise. My vision is that my art should be a source of inspiration and reflection, a reminder of the importance of seeing one's own value and following one's heart. You are perfect just the way you are!

Having art on the walls is like having windows to other worlds. Worlds where your imagination can fly free and your whole soul expands. Like a meditation. A beautiful piece of art can change the entire mood of a room and affects everyone in the room consciously or unconsciously. 

Is it time for new energy in your room? 

Welcome to my gallery to find your painting or contact me for a commission where I paint your specifik request. 



6 april -4 maj "On temporary visit" at Carlstad Art Gallery. Vernissage saturday 6 april kl 12-15 pm. 

Vedic Art 12-13 may in Sjuntorp 

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