A windy sunday


Today, I find myself in my studio on a rather blustery Sunday. It's the kind of day that often stirs up my creativity. The wind is rustling through the trees, and I can hear the leaves whispering. These are the moments that provide me with peace in my studio, surrounded by my art supplies, and the excitement of creating something new.

My ongoing project belongs to my new series and is called "Inner Light." It's a painting I'm eager to share with you. In "Inner Light," you'll see a woman dressed in 19th-century-style attire, sitting at a table adorned with flowers and Russian nesting dolls. There's a hint of longing in her gaze, as if she dreams of something beyond the present.

The painting is a fusion of various elements and symbolism. Collages of Swedish castles and princess crowns are mingled with musical notes from the song "If I Could Fly." A section of a poem is part of the artwork:

"In a castle's golden cage, she swells, a princess bound by others' spell. Longing for skies beyond the throne, to live a life that's truly her own. With dreams of freedom, she takes flight, to follow her heart, her inner light. No longer a puppet in a play, she seeks her own path, come what may."

An open window with bars shows three doves ready to take flight, while an empty birdcage symbolizes newfound freedom. On the illustrated wall, vines grow, stretching out through the window. Green, blue, pink, and gold harmonize.

The painting "Inner Light" is a blend of abstract realism and expressionism. I'm using various techniques, including ink, acrylic, genuine gold leaf, acrylic pens, collage images, and oil paints on top. I have about two to three more layers of oil to apply before it's finished.

In the act of creating, I can feel my brushstrokes capturing the emotions I'm trying to convey with the piece. It's about capturing the depth of the human soul and the yearning for something more than what meets the eye. This painting is part of my journey to depict the inner light of the human spirit. The artwork serves as a reminder that we're all on a journey toward something more meaningful.

Stay tuned for the completed "Inner Light." I look forward to sharing it with you and hearing your thoughts on the painting and its symbolism. Until then, I hope you find your own inner light on this blustery Sunday.

With creativity and a fresh wind in your sails, Nina

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