A Day in the Life of an Artist: Creation, Learning, and Excitement


Welcome to my life as an artist! Today, I thought I'd share a typical day in my creative universe. A day filled with learning and exciting opportunities.

Morning: Meeting Canva

My day started like many others with a cup of tea and my faithful computer. Today, Canva was going to be my creative tool. I've heard great things about this program and decided to delve into it to create even more engaging posts on my social media. And let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed! Canva offers a plethora of creative possibilities, and I couldn't resist spending hours exploring its features. As an artist, expanding my creative toolkit is always exciting.

Afternoon: Microcourse in Videoproduction

After being satisfied with my Canva projects, I spent the afternoon learning more about video production. It's a new dimension I want to explore in my work, and I've started with a microcourse on video production. The idea of blending moving images with my art is an exciting one, and I look forward to taking the first steps into this world.

Creative Moments: Orders in the Pipeline

Of course, no artist's life is complete without the actual creative process. Right now, I have two exciting orders in the pipeline, and I'm incredibly grateful for the trust to create these portraits. Receiving orders is always a special experience. It's like gaining insight into another person's world and having the honor of immortalizing their story on canvas.

I'm looking forward to starting work on one of these orders over the weekend. Sitting in front of my easel and allowing my brushstrokes to capture a person's unique character is something that always fills me with inspiration and joy. It's a reminder of the profound connection that art can create among people.

Evening: Excitement in Trollhättan

Tomorrow holds something exciting! I'll be visiting a location in Trollhättan to explore the possibility of using it as a place for my artistry. It's a new environment, and I'm eager to see how it can inspire my creativity. Join me on this exciting journey!

So there you have it, a glimpse of a typical day in my life as an artist. Full of creation, learning, and excitement. Thank you for following me on my journey! 💫

Oh, and my painting from last blog post is finished, here it is!

 "Inner light". If you feel connected to her you can  purchase her here. And you can now chose to pay her through Klarna if you wish!

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