Blinded by beliefs

Blinded by beliefs

"Blinded by Beliefs: Embrace Your Inner Light"

In the evocative artwork "Blinded by Beliefs," you'll encounter a profound portrayal of a woman with a flower wreath covering her eyes. This captivating portrait beckons you to delve into its deep message.

In the background, a forest unfurls with an illuminated path, bearing the words "Lost in the woods?" A web of thought-provoking questions surrounds the figure: "What is beauty?" and "Who decides?" But at the heart of it all, the painting delivers a poignant reminder: "Blinded by beliefs, by thoughts, dare to free yourself, your spirit."

The painting is primarily adorned in shades of black, gray, and white, with a touch of pink gracing the cheeks and the blossoms. It's a composition that resonates with themes of self-acceptance and empowerment. The central message is clear: "Love yourself as you are" and don't let society dictate who you should be.

"Blinded by Beliefs" serves as a profound reflection on the impact of societal expectations and the importance of breaking free from preconceived notions. It's an invitation to unveil your inner light, embrace your true self, and navigate your own path, no longer constrained by the blinders of societal norms.

This powerful painting encourages you to question, to reflect, and to recognize the beauty and strength that reside within. It's a visual narrative that empowers you to redefine your own beliefs and emerge from the shadows, fully embracing the vibrant spirit that lies beneath.

Discover "Blinded by Beliefs" and let its compelling message inspire you to embrace your authenticity and find the courage to be your unique self.

Size: 50X75 cm
Painted on paper 350g, 100 cotton, acid free. Oil on mixed media. 

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3,750.00 kr 3,750.00 kr